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The next batch of saviours for Leaf Nation are here! Vesa Toskala, Mark Bell, and Jason Blake are here to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto. Huzzah!

I know, I know...the blind optimism of Leaf fans...but I am liking the off-season developments thus far. I think Jason Blake will compliment the team's style of play quite well, and he's pretty much a guarenteed fan-favorite with the rough and in-your-face game he plays. A nice little upgrade in goal to take the pressure off of Raycroft is nice too. I'd kind of like to see Raycroft stick around and share durties with Toskala...that'd be a heck of a goaltending tandem. Generally though, a number one always emerges and takes a bigger role. Raycroft got his chance to convince everyone he could do it and it didn't work out. I wonder how much of the blame lies with him...and how much lies with the team in front of him though.

On another note, I am boycotting the NHL. What's that you say? I just went on and on about the recent Leaf developments? Well...mine is an economic boycott. I am refusing to give my hard-earned money to a league that seems to willing to do anything to cater to an audience that doesn't give a fuck about our beloved game. No more jerseys or buying tickets or any of that. Not that I really did it much before...I mean I couldn't buy a ticket to a Leaf game if I wanted to. If only there was more product to keep up with the demand. Are you listening Gary Bettman? You weaselly, power-mad prick. I'm not standing for your anti-Canadian business any more!

sigh...If only I didn't love hockey so much. Maybe I'll become a baseball fan or something...hah...and maybe Balsille will be able to swallow his pride long enough to not alienate the people who can get him what we all want so desperately. Not bloody likely.


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