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Phew...what a festival.

Every music festival should be like hillside...they do everything right. They keep the number of people manageable, they use reusable dishes and cups for food and drink, there's even a living roof on the main stage. Seriously. How great a job do they do with this thing?

Oh...and the music. Holy crap. I gotta hand it to the organizers of this event...they always seem to get a really good mix of some amazing music. Gotta love it. Over the years (this was our 3rd year) I've been able to see some wicked acts like:

  • Arcade Fire
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Stars
  • Buck 65
  • Constantines
  • Geoff Berner
  • Holy Fuck
  • Final Fantasy
  • The Stills
  • Cuff the Duke
  • Amy Milan

This year was just as awesome. Here are the bands I managed to catch at least a bit of this time around:

  • Golden Dogs - energetic rock with a bit of a 70s sound
  • Memphis - featuring Torquil Campbell of Stars
  • That 1 Guy - Weird dude with a super-modded "bass"
  • The Besnard Lakes - Epic noise
  • Dragonette - Poppy dance hooks
  • Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton - Of Metric fame
  • Immaculate Machine - Harmonic West Coast indie
  • Dears - Montreal group with some staying power
  • Ohbijou - Soothing
  • Mother Mother - Weird and dancey with some complex timing

My one regret was that we didn't manage to catch any of Shout Out Out Out Out. Saturday night had The Dears, Immaculate Machine and Shout Out Out Out Out playing all at the same time. We went with Immaculate machine simply because we know them well, and we didn't know when the Victoria, B.C.-based band might be around again. I'm comfortable with our decision.

Anyhoo...twas good times. You should all try to go next year. I know it'll be just as awesome.


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