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Minister Baird,

I take offense at the position of your office as stated by your communications director that it is inappropriate to discuss the politics of the environment when a soldier is killed in Afghanistan. While I agree that it is a tragic event and that our fallen soldiers should be mourned, I do not agree that all business in the government should stop. The environment is a very important issue that affects us all, that requires action, and should not be dismissed. To me, this seems like a convenient tactic to avoid the much-needed debate over your government's position. I can understand why it's difficult to talk about given the lackluster and insufficient plan that you have put forth, but the realities of climate change won't wait for the Conservative government to wake up. While I'm not surprised at the delay/dismissal tactic as it tends to fit with the government's actions in the past, I am surprised at the hypocrisy of your communications director's statement. How can this position be put forth by the same government that decided it was inappropriate to continue lowering the flag on Parliament Hill to half-mast upon losing a soldier? It seems to me that if your government is unwilling to mark the death of a soldier by the simple act of lowering the flag, it can hardly take the position that it is inappropriate to do business under those same conditions.

In closing, I'd just like to state unequivocally that I am a big advocate of environmental protection and action. While I appreciate the steps your government has taken in some areas, protection of Western and Northern wilderness for example, I feel that far more could and should be done. A tougher environmental position must be taken; hard caps and targets need to be set, a "carbon tax"-like system with carbon credit trading needs to be implemented on a large scale.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my point of view,

Geoff Wheeler

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